Marquis Group Services

Marquis Group offers a full-scope training incentive structure that includes:

  • Identification of Funding Programs - We steer you into the right opportunities and advise you of the advantages and/or challenges of particular programs.
  • Application Development - We coordinate directly with appropriate company personnel to define your training plan and develop the funding application.
  • Contracting Support - We discuss the provisions of the funding contract with company legal or other personnel to explain the commitments and claw-back provisions, if any.
  • Administration - We prepare all the program-specific administrative paperwork to a signature-ready format. You do the training and we do the rest.

Is my training project eligible for funding and should we use a consultant to help?

  • 1. Will your training project help create jobs, retain jobs, and/or upgrade the skills of your workers?
    At the core, customized training grant programs aim to support job creation, retention, and/or upgrading of transferable employee skills. Programs tend not to support mandated training (e.g., OSHA, Diversity, HR-related). Additionally, programs are generally targeted to serve your frontline workforce (e.g., production, engineers, & supervisors) and not executive level personnel. Continuous improvement initiatives (Six Sigma, Lean) and technology upgrades (programming languages, SAP/Oracle implementations, etc.) are generally attractive for funding.
  • 2. Do you have a budget to support a portion of the training costs?
    Incentive programs are not corporate charity and require the business to share a portion of the overall costs. The most common cost sharing scenario involves the funding program supporting all or a portion of the direct training costs. The direct instructional cost (e.g., vendor instruction charges or internal instructor wages) is commonly an eligible expenditure, but programs vary widely when it comes to other direct costs such as curriculum development, eLearning purchases, instructor travel, training materials, etc. Very few programs provide funding support for trainee wages or trainee travel, and those that do support only a percentage of the cost. Thus, it is imperative that your company have an internal budget to support a portion of the overall training costs, as no programs are able to support 100% of the direct and indirect costs.
  • 3. Should we use a consultant to assist us?
    The process of pursuing and administering training incentives can be a time consuming and intimidating process for companies lacking dedicated internal resources and having minimal direct experience with programs. That said, our business model is geared to support mid-sized businesses to Fortune 100 businesses. We add the most value on more complex training projects that may involve a myriad of different training initiatives, span numerous company locations, and require tracking/benefit crediting across multiple internal functions/budgets.